Compost or recycle yard debris.

The resources and organizations below may be able to help you with this mitigation strategy. 

The resources and organizations below may be able to help you with this mitigation strategy and/or to learn more. 



Composting at Home
The basics, benefits, and how-to's of composting at home. 

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Education and Outreach - Stormwater
This webpage offers residential tips to reduce stormwater pollution. 

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Best Management Practices for Homeowners
Resources for helping homeowners manage stormwater pollution. Resources include: the Homeowners Guide to Cleaner Water; how toCreate a Streamside Buffer25 Ways to Prevent Water WasteHow to Make a Rain GardenHow to Make a Rain BarrelHow to Recycle Used OilOil Recycling LocationsSummertime Tips for Water Quality; a Storm Drain Labeling Fact Sheet and Storm Drain Labeling Request Form; and Grass Clipping Disposal and Fertilizer Usage Information.

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Resources for Nashvillians interested in Composting. More information is available about Brush & Yard Waste CollectionThe Bordeaux Mulching FacilityBackyard Composting, and Composting with Worms.

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Harpeth River Watershed Association
Home and Garden Tips
These tips cover things you can do around the house and in your garden that will affect the health of rivers and streams. Suggestions cover conservation, household contaminants, nonpoint source pollution, oil and gas, environmentally safe products without chlorine and phosphate products and solvents. Links on this page take visitors to a printable River Smart Around the Home Tips Sheet and River Smart Gardening Tips Sheet, a video about where drinking water comes from, non toxic home cleaning products and tips, and information about where to recycle in Nashville. 

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