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Tennessee Valley Authority
TN Valley Water Trails
TN State Parks has created this online water trail map with TDEC, TVA, and National Park Service. It includes the region's blueways.

See also: National Park Service, TN Department of Environment and Conservation

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Corps Dams in the Cumberland River Basin
Information on each of the Corps Cumberland River Basin Dams: BarkleyCheathamJ. Percy PriestOld Hickory,Cordell HullCenter HillDale HollowWolf CreekLaurel River, and Martin's Fork

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Navigation Locks in the Cumberland
Information on the Cumberland River's four navigation locks at Barkley, Cheatham, Old Hickory, and Cordell Hull dams. 

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Reservoir Information
Information for all Corps lakes within the basin. Each lake page includes: basic facts and information about the lake, the various recreation opportunities, maps, helpful links, daily fishing reports, points of interest around the lake, and important news and announcements.

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Water Safety Resources
The information on this page and its links will offer essential information that will help you, your family, and friends have a safe, enjoyable recreational experience at Army Corps projects.

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Listing of Fish Advisories Technical Maps
National Listing of Fish Advisories Technical Maps are a suite of interactive mapping and search tools for viewing fish advisories and fish tissue sampling data.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Boating Access Program
The Boating Access (BA) Program provides grant funds to the states, the District of Columbia and insular areas fish and wildlife agencies for projects that provide access to America's waterways by developing new access facilities or renovation and/or improvement of existing facilities. The Boating Access Program is part of the Sport Fish Restoration Program.

See also: Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, Sport Fish Restoration Program

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Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge
Cross Creeks is a US Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge located four miles east of Dover, in Stewart County, Tennessee and approximately seventy-five miles northwest of Nashville, Tennessee. Its primary purpose is to provide feeding and resting habitat for migratory birds with an emphasis placed on providing habitat for wintering waterfowl. This webpage contains information for planning a visit, as well as information about the wildlife found at the refuge. 

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U.S. Forest Service
Daniel Boone National Forest Website
A website hosting a variety of information about the Daniel Boone National Forest — a National Forest that embraces some of the most rugged terrain west of the Appalachian Mountains. Steep forested slopes, sandstone cliffs and narrow ravines characterize the land.

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Forest Service Visitor Map 2.0
 The Forest Service's Visitor Map 2.0, provides the public with an interactive online view of the Nation's Forest Service roads, trails, recreation sites, wilderness areas, and wild & scenic rivers.  The map can be used on personal computers, smart phones or tablet devices through any modern web browser.

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Jefferson National Forest Website
A website hosting a variety of information about the Jefferson National Forest. A small portion of the Jefferson National Forest is within the Cumberland River Basin. 

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Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area Website
A website with a variety of information about Land Between the Lakes. Key pages include those for campingboating and rampsfishinghuntingswimmingtrails, and more.  

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Laurel River Lake Website - Daniel Boone National Forest
Information regarding Laurel River Lake campgrounds, boat ramps, marinas, fees, fishing, swimming, scuba diving and more. 

See also: Daniel Boone National Forest Website

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Maps - Land Between the Lakes
A variety of maps in pdf format showing campgrounds, trails, recreational amenities and more. A recreation map of the recreation areas northern region is here and a recreation map of it's southern region is here

See also: Land Between the Lakes

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Natural Happenings at Land Between the Lakes
A calendar of natural events at the recreation area including water related happenings such as chorus frog singing, sandhill crane and pelican migrations, catfish fry leaving their nests and more.  

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Recreation Map - Daniel Boone National Forest
The Daniel Boone National Forest offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. This interactive recreation map can help you find places to fish, paddle, swim, camp, and more. 

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Special Use Permitting - Daniel Boone National Forest
Commercial outfitters, guides and groups of 70 people or more must obtain a Special Use Permit prior to hosting an event.

See also: Daniel Boone National Forest

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Stearns Ranger District Website - Daniel Boone National Forest
Website with resources and recreational opportunity information for the Stearns Ranger District within the Daniel Boone National Forest. 

See also: Daniel Boone National Forest Website

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Water Activities - Daniel Boone National Forest
Water related recreation resources covering motor boatingpaddlingswimmingtubingwaterskiing, and even scuba diving

See also: Daniel Boone National Forest Website

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Gages - Kentucky
USGS gages for monitoring current conditions of surface waterprecipitationgroundwater, and water quality, as well as lake and reservoir elevations in Kentucky. Historical gage data for streamflow, groundwater, and water quality, as well as annual reports. 

Tags: Monitoring, Recreation, Hydrology, Groundwater, Water Quality, Flow

Gauges - Tennessee
USGS gages for monitoring current conditions of surface waterprecipitationgroundwater, and water quality, as well as lake and reservoir elevations in Tennessee. Historical gage data for streamflow, groundwater, and water quality, as well as annual reports. 

Tags: Monitoring, Recreation, Hydrology, Groundwater, Water Quality, Flow 

Stream Flow Gage Locations Map - Kentucky
PDF map with stream flow gage locations in Kentucky. 

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U.S. National Park Service
Find a Park Tool
This tool enables you to find National Parks by state. Both Kentucky and Tennessee have their own state pages, as well. 

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Guide to Paddling in the Big South Fork
Provides information on river safety, recommended river levels and ratings for various sections of the river and directions to river access points.

See also: Big South Fork National Recreation Area Website

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Outfitters and Guide Services - Big South Fork
A list of outfitters and guides that operate within the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. 

See also: Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area Website

Tags: Recreation, Camping and Lodging, Paddling, Hiking is your one-stop shop for trip planning, information sharing and reservations brought to you by 12 federal participating partners. This site provides interactive maps to help you reserve campsites, obtain hiking information, go paddling or motor-boating, find a cabin, go fishing, and more. 

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Whitewater Paddling Resources - Big South Fork
This website contains a variety of information on paddling the Big South Fork. Includes information regarding river safety, river levels, river gauges, run descriptions, and access points. 

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Wild and Scenic Rivers Program Website
The National Wild and Scenic Rivers System was created by Congress in 1968 to preserve certain rivers with outstanding natural, cultural, and recreational values in a free-flowing condition for the enjoyment of present and future generations. The Big South Fork is the basin's only listed National Wild and Scenic River. 

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KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
Blue Green Algae and Harmful Algal Blooms
Blue-green algae are a type of bacteria found in lakes in Kentucky and throughout the United States.  They occur naturally, but if their numbers get too high they can pose health risks to humans and animals. Both the Kentucky Division of Water and the U.S. Army Corps have initiated increased testing of lakes in Kentucky to document these blooms and provide updated information to the public. This webpage offers additional resources and information. 

Tags: Water Quality, Algal Blooms, Blue Green Algae, Reservoirs, Recreation, Safety

Blue Water Trail Guides
This Blue Water Trail webpage details paddling trips on streams and rivers across Kentucky. The overarching goal of the series is providing thorough information for paddlers to enjoy floating Kentucky streams without worry. Cumberland Basin Blue Water Trail guides include the Big South ForkBuck CreekCumberland River Below the FallsCumberland River TailwaterLittle South Fork of the Cumberland RiverNorth Fork Cumberland River, andRockcastle River

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Fishing and Boat Access Web Tool
A search too for finding fishing and boating access sites in Kentucky. 

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Kentucky Geoportal
The Kentucky Geoportal is an award-winning data clearinghouse that provides easy and convenient ways to access and share geospatial data resources, including a great many water related geospatial datasets and data resources. Water related KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources datasets you can search for and find include: hunting and fishing access points and maps; blue water trails; boundaries of hunting areas including KY Wildlife Management Areas; conservation areas for bivalves; wetland birds, amphibians, and fish; and species richness bivalves and fish. 

Tags: GIS, Spatial Data, Maps, Recreation, Water Quality, TMDLs, Flooding, Floodplains, Dams, Designated Use Waters, Wells, Groundwater, Combined Sewer Overflows, MS4s, Sewers, Stormwater, Bioregions, Biodiversity, Water Supply, Prioritizations, River Miles

Strategic Plan: FY 2015-2019
Information regarding the Department of Fish and Wildlife's 2015-2019 Strategic Plan. 

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Wildlife Management Areas / Public Hunting Areas
A webpage with WMAs and other hunting area information, as well as a Google Map with hunting areas across Kentucky. 

See also: Wildlife Management Areas Website

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Wildlife Management Area & Public Lands Search
Looking for a place to hunt, fish, or hike? This interactive map will help you find out where you can do this in KY. Select a county or click on the icons below to narrow down your results.

See also: Wildlife Management Areas Website

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Wildlife Management Areas Website
Kentucky Fish and Wildlife owns, leases or manages more than 80 wildlife management areas (WMAs) for public use. This webpage contains area general information, guidelines, quick reference regulations charts, permitting information, and more.

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KY Division of Forestry
Kentenia State Forest Website

Kentenia is the oldest state-owned forest, acquired in 1919 as a gift from the Kentenia-Cantron Corp. It is located in Harlan County along the south side of Pine Mountain in seven scattered tracts totaling 4,081 acres. The forest is open to the public for hunting and fishing and subject to state fish and game regulations. Primitive camping, hiking, picnicking and horseback riding are also permitted. All off-road vehicles, including ATVs, are prohibited. Click following link for a map of Kentenia State Forest

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Kentucky Ridge State Forest Website
Kentucky Ridge State Forest consists of 15,251 acres. The forest is open to public hunting and fishing, subject to state fish and game regulations, and is available for primitive camping, hiking, picnicking and horseback riding.  All off-road vehicles, including ATVs are prohibited. Click the following link for a map of Kentucky Ridge State Forest.

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Marrowbone State Forest Website
Marrowbone State Forest and Wildlife Management Area is a 1,983-acre tract of land located on Highway 90 in Metcalfe and Cumberland counties. Marrowbone State Forest is open to the public for day use only unless hunting regulations specify extended hours. Allowable activities include regulated hunting, hiking and wildlife viewing. Off-road vehicles, including ATVs and horseback riding is prohibited.

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State Forests
The KY Division of Forestry owns and manages 10 state forests, including 3 in the Cumberland River Basin: KenteniaKentucky Ridge, and Marrowbone state forests. 

See also: Kentenia State Forest Website, Kentucky Ridge State Forest Website, Marrowbone State Forest Website

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KY Division of Water
Kentucky's Water Health Guide

Kentucky's Water Health Guide is a summary of the current and historic conditions, activities, trends and impacts on the health of the rivers and streams that flow through the Commonwealth. This report describes the natural conditions of the streams and lakes in Kentucky, such as the types of rocks and soils, the land features, the types of vegetation, the quality of the water and how it moves. It also describes the human activities and influences, such as: building and maintenance of homes, businesses, and industries; raising of crops and livestock; treatment of human waste; recreational activities; timber cutting; mining; construction and maintenance of water lines, sewer lines, roads, pipelines, and other types of infrastructure that support human populations.

Tags: Water Quality, Trends, Land Use, Wastewater, Recreation, Forestry, Forests, Mining, Sewers, Roads, Research, Education

Special Use Waters
KY Division of Waters Special Waters Database includes tool for searching for waters designated as Cold Water Aquatic HabitatsOutstanding National Resource WatersExceptional WatersReference Reach StreamsOutstanding State Resource WatersState Wild RiversFederally Designated Wild Rivers, and Federally Designated Scenic Rivers

Tags: Maps and Tools, Aquatic Biology, Biodiversity, Water Quality, Reference Streams, Recreation, Ecotourism

Story Map Viewer
This gallery includes Kentucky Division of Water Story Map and Map Tour applications created with Esri's templates. The Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection Information Section collaborated with the Division of Water to prepare the content for each application. Cumberland Basin relevant story maps include an interactive Kentucky Wild Rivers map and a Kentucky Wetlands map. 

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Water Advisories
The Division of Water issues water quality advisories for fish consumptionswimming, and harmful algal blooms.

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Water Health Portal
The water healthy portal includes information regarding the health status of Kentucky surface waters and allows users to connect to studies and reports on various streams and identify Kentucky's 'Outstanding State Resource Waters.'

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Wild Rivers Program
Kentucky is preserving the unique scenic, fish and wildlife, botanical, geological, cultural and recreational values of its most pristine rivers through the Wild Rivers Program. Portions of nine rivers of exceptional quality and aesthetic character have been designated as Kentucky Wild Rivers. Six of these rivers are in the Cumberland River Basin. Each Wild River is actually a linear corridor encompassing all visible land on each side of the river up to a distance of 2,000 feet. View a Story Map of Kentucky's Wild Rivers here.  

See also: Story Map Viewer

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KY State Nature Preserves Commission
State Nature Preserves
There are 14 State Nature Preserves (SNP) in the KY portion of the Cumberland River Basin. Natural Areas are protected not only to preserve KY's natural heritage, but also in recognition of the dependence of KY's well-being on healthy ecosystems. Click here for a map of preserves across Kentucky. State Natural Areas in the basin are: Bissell Bluff SNPJohn B. Stephenson Memorial Forest SNPFrances Johnson Palk SNP, Archer-Benge SNP, Pine Mountain SNPCumberland Falls SNPMartins Fork SNPBlanton Forest SNPStone Mountain SNPJames E. Bickford SNPE. Lucy Braun SNPHi Lewis Pine Barrens SNPKingdom Come SNP, and Bad Branch SNP

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KY State Parks
Cumberland Falls State Park Website
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Known as the "Niagara of the South," the waterfall forms a 125-foot-wide curtain that plunges 7 stories into a boulder-strewn gorge. The mist of the falls creates the magic of the moonbow, only visible on a clear night during a full moon.This phenomenon appears nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere.

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Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park Website
Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park offers a vast, unspoiled wilderness to refresh and rejuvenate the senses. It's no surprise the bald eagle chooses this area for its wintering grounds. From a dip in the pool to our 18 holes on the Dale Hollow Lake golf course, for vacation fun, they've got you covered. 

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Dr. Thomas Walker State Park Website
Although Daniel Boone is often remembered as Kentucky's most famous pioneer, Dr. Thomas Walker was actually the first frontiersman in Kentucky. A physician & surveyor, Walker led the first expedition through Cumberland Gap in 1750. Near the river, which he named Cumberland, Dr. Walker built the first cabin in Kentucky, a replica of which stands on the site today.

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Find a Park Tool
A web tool for finding a state parks by region, lodging options, features and activities. 

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General Burnside State Park Website
The damming of the Cumberland River in the 1950s, producing Lake Cumberland, also covered the lower peninsula of Burnside, creating the island that is now General Burnside Island State Park. It has the distinction of being the only island park in the Kentucky State Park system. The park was named for the sideburn-whiskered Civil War general Ambrose Burnside.

Tags: Recreation, Ecotourism, Fishing, Motor Boating, Camping

Kingdom Come State Park Website
Kingdom Come State Park, with an elevation of 2,700 feet, is the crowning jewel in the crest of Pine Mountain near Cumberland, Kentucky. Admire the beautiful views from one of eight overlooks, hike a trail or fish for bass, crappie and trout in the lake.

Tags: Recreation, Ecotourism, Fishing, Hiking, Paddling

Lake Barkley State Resort Park Website
Lake Barkley State Resort Park rests on the shores of one of the world's largest man-made lakes, over 57,500 acres, and provides an array of outdoor and indoor activities. From a cool dip in the swimming pool to a hot sauna, from reeling in the big fish to hitting the little white ball, however you define vacation fun, it's here at Lake Barkley. 

Tags: Recreation, Ecotourism, Fishing, Motor Boating, Camping

Lake Cumberland State Park Website
With 1,200 miles of shoreline, an enchanting waterfall, and secret coves, you could spend a day or weeks exploring the wonders of Lake Cumberland. Lake Cumberland is a paradise for the water sports enthusiast and offers a full-service marina.

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Paddling in KY State Parks
A list of parks across Kentucky with options for paddlers. Parks in the Cumberland River Basin include Kingdom Come State Park. 

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TN Department of Tourism Development
Information about Tennessee's many blueways from the TN Department of Tourism Development. Blueways within the Cumberland River Basin include Standing Stone State Park, the Harpeth River BluewayBledsoe Creek State Park, and the Caney Fork River

Tags: Recreation, Paddling, Ecotourism

Lakes and Rivers
Information about Tennessee's lakes and rivers from the TN Department of Tourism Development. Highlighted locations within the Cumberland River Basin include Bledsoe Creek State ParkBig South Fork National River and Recreation AreaBowie Nature ParkBridgestone/Firestone Centennial WildernessBurgess Falls State ParkCaney Fork RiverCenter Hill LakeCity Lake Natural AreaCordell Hull LakeCross Creeks National Wildlife RefugeCumberland Gap National Historic ParkCumberland River Bicentennial TrailCumberland River Pedestrian BridgeCumberland River WalkCummins Falls State ParkDale Hollow LakeDunbar Cave State Natural AreaFall Creek Falls State ParkFloating Mill Recreation AreaHarpeth River BluewayHarpeth River State ParkIndian Mountain State ParkJ. Percy Priest LakeLake BarkleyLand Between the Lakes National Recreation AreaLonghunter State ParkMontgomery Bell State ParkObey River Park Recreation AreaOld Hickory Beach,Old Hickory LakePickett State ParkRadnor Lake State ParkRagland Bottom Recreation AreaShelby Street Pedestrian Bridge, and Twin Arches State Natural Area

TN Water Sports Webpage
These TN Department of Tourism Development webpages have a variety of resources on water sports in TN. Visitors can visit pages devoted to Canoeing, Kayaking, and RaftingBoating and Nature Cruises, and Marinas

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TN Land Management and GIS
Recreation Atlas
This 2008 static map shows and lists public lands across the state of Tennessee. 

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TN State Parks
Boating in TN State Parks
Tennessee State Parks strive to meet the recreational boating interests and well-being of residents and park visitors. Enjoy our full-service “clean certified” marinas, boat launches, boat rentals and guided boat tours on lakes, reservoirs, rivers and streams throughout the state. This site enables visitors to find a nearby Tennessee State Park with boating opportunities. 

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Swimming in TN State Parks
A list of TN State Parks with swimming pools, swim beaches, or swimmable streams and creeks. 

Tags: Recreation, Swimming

Tennessee’s Wild Side
Tennessee’s Wild Side is an outdoor adventure show designed and developed for viewing by the whole family. Supported by the Tennessee State Parks and Produced by RockWater, LLC, in cooperation with Nashville Public Television, Wild Side is a nine-time regional Emmy Award winning series that has been on the air almost two decades.

TNParkFinder Map
Use this interactive map to explore TN's parks. 

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TN Valley Water Trails
TN State Parks has created an online water trail map with TDEC, TVA, and National Park Service that includes region's blueways on a national river recreation database. UT Chattanooga is designing the site. Flat water and white water are included. 

See also: National Park Service, TN Department of Environment and Conservation

Tags: Recreation; Ecotourism, Maps and Data

TN Department of Environment and Conservation
Land and Water Conservation Funds (LWCF) Grants
The LWCF program provides matching grants to states, and through the state to local governments and state agencies that provide recreation and parks, for the acquisition and development of public outdoor recreation areas and facilities. Recreation Educational Services administers the LWCF grants. These grants require a 50% match.

See also: Recreation Education Services Grants

Tags: Grants and Funding, Recreation

Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF) Grants
The LPRF program provides state funding for the purchase of land for parks, natural areas, greenways and the purchase of land for recreational facilities. Funds also may be used for trail development and capital projects in parks, natural areas and greenways. Recreation Educational Services administers the LPRF grants. These grants are a 50% match.

Tags: Grants and Funding, Conservation, Greenways, Recreation

Recreation Educational Services Grants
Recreation Educational Services is responsible for administering federal and state grant programs to local and state governments. 

See also: Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants, the Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grants, Tennessee Recreation Initiative Program, and the Recreation Trails Program

Tags: Grants and Funding , Recreation

Tennessee Recreation Initiative Program
The Tennessee Recreation Initiative Program apportions grant money to cities and counties who lack professional parks and recreational director and do not provide a comprehensive recreation delivery system in their community. These grants are a three-year commitment, $50,000 grant matched by the communities. 

See also: Recreation Education Services Grants

Tags: Grants and Funding, Recreation

TN Division of Natural Areas
List and Map of Natural Areas
The Division of Natural Areas manages 85 Natural Areas across the State. This webpage has a map showing the location of each Natural Area. Click here for pdf of map

Tags: Maps and Tools, Recreation, Biodiversity, Aquatic Biology, Ecotourism

Map of Scenic Rivers
A map of TN State Scenic Rivers in the Cumberland River Basin and across the state. 

See also: TN Scenic Rivers Program Website

Tags: Maps, Recreation, Ecotourism

Scenic Rivers Program
The Tennessee Scenic Rivers Program is intended to preserve and protect the free flowing, unpolluted and outstanding scenic, recreational, geologic, botanical, fish, wildlife, historic or cultural values of selected rivers or river segments in the state. Fifteen rivers or segments of rivers are included in the state scenic rivers program including sections of the CollinsHarpethBlackburn Fork and Roaring Rivers, as well as Spring Creek.  Website includes information about the program including information about various scenic river classifications and getting rivers designated

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TN Wildlife Resources Agency
Boating and Fishing Access Map
An interactive map of boating and fishing access points in Tennessee. 

Tags: Recreation, Maps and Tools, Paddling, Motor Boating, Fishing

Download Wildlife Management Area Data
The boundaries of TWRA's Wildlife Management Areas are available for download in two different format types: shapefile or KML. Shapefiles are GIS files used with GIS software, such as ArcView 3.x and ArcMap. A KML file can be imported directly into Google Earth.

Tags: Data, GIS, Recreation, Hunting

Paddlesports Laws
Laws for human powered vessels such as canoes, kayaks, and standup paddleboards in Tennessee. 

Tags: Recreation, Regulation, Paddling

TWRA On The Go
TWRA's mobile app for outdoor enthusiasts. With the app you can: view TWRA news; Unting/Trapping, Waterfowl, Fishing, & Boating Guides; Buy your licenses, Renew boats, and report and see your harvests; find a WMA, check station, Hunters for the Hungry Processor, Fishing Spot, Boat Ramp, or a Wildlife Viewing Areas; view fishing reports and identify your fish with our Fish ID Guide; Learn more about Tennessee’s Watchable Wildlife; browse wild game and fish recipes; and more. 

Tags: Recreation, Hunting Fishing, Wildlife Viewing, Naturalist, Cooking, Paddling, Reports

Hundreds of videos on variety of topics including fishing, boating, outdoor recreation, Watchable Wildlife, habitat management, paddling, ducks, trout, watersports and more.  

Tags: Media, Recreation, Fishing, Motor Boating, Hunting, Paddling

Wildlife Management Areas Map
An interactive map of Wildlife Management Areas in Tennessee. 

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Harpeth River Canoe Access Sites
The City of Franklin Parks Department maintains several river access points for those who enjoy canoeing/kayaking, fishing or swimming on the beautiful Harpeth River.  Those access points are listed on this website. A canoe launch video is also provided, along with a map of public access points

Tags: Recreation, Paddling, Media, Maps

Canoe and Kayak with Metro Parks
Metro Parks offers opportunities to take canoe or kayak day trips, go on guided group tours, and take indoor boating skill classes. This webpage includes additional information about these programs and includes a calendar of events

Tags: Recreation, Events, Paddling, Education

Park Finder Interactive Map
This interactive map allows you to find specific parks or to search for parks by an activity. Water related activities include boating, camping, hiking, nature centers, and more. 

Tags: Maps, Recreation

Plan To Play: Countywide Parks and Greenways Master Plan
Plan To Play is a Metro Parks and Recreation-led initiative for a countywide parks and greenways master plan, which will serve as a guide for future investments in and growth of Nashville's park system in the coming decades. The yearlong Plan To Play process includes an inventory of past and current plans, an analysis of programs and facility offerings, a benchmarking of peer cities, and an intensive public input process, including public meetings and surveys. This webpage includes additional information, surveys, a greenways interactive map, a video about the program, and more. 

See also: Greenways Interactive Map

Tags: Greenways, Planning, Plans, Surveys, Maps and Tools, Media, Recreation

Water Access and Blueways
A number of rivers and streams are large enough to support use by recreational canoeists and kayakers, in Nashville. This webpage has information about public access points for paddlers. 

Tags: Recreation, Blueways, Paddling, Maps, Public Access

Water Activities Webpage
This webpage provides links to a listing of Metro Boat RampsCanoeing and Kayaking opportunities with the City, information aboutHamilton Creek Marina, information on docking boats in Downtown Nashville, and more. 

Tags: Recreation, Motor Boating, Paddling, Marinas, Permits



American Red Cross
First Aid Training Opportunities

"Prepare for the unexpected with first aid training from the American Red Cross. Developed and taught by experts, our convenient, affordable courses can help your organization become OSHA compliant – and provide care when it's needed most. With award-winning online classes, plus first aid courses at more than 550 locations across the United States, and our best-in-class blended Simulation Learning, we offer training designed to suit your schedule and your learning style. Red Cross First Aid Certification classes include a free digital certificate, valid for 2 years, plus free access to digital learning materials and online Refresher Courses."

Tags: First Aid, Medical

Cumberland River Compact
Cumberland River Basin 101
Basic information about the Cumberland River Basin and its watersheds, including interactive maps, water quality stressors, and recreational resources.

Tags: Education, Water Quality, Recreation, Maps, Research

Dragonboat Festival
The Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival celebrates the importance of the Cumberland River to the city of Nashville. The stretch of river downtown once was polluted. Thanks to the work of the Cumberland River Compact and others it has been cleaned up and is a great place to spend the day.

Tags: Recreation, Paddling, Volunteers

Water Recreation
The Compact supports and organizes various water recreation events and outings. From  providing water safety support for the Music City Triathlon and Stand Up Paddle Board Races in downtown Nashville on the Cumberland, to organizing paddling trips with Paddle Adventures Unlimited, the Compact strives to get as many folks on the water as possible!  While our offices are based in downtown Nashville, our work extends throughout the basin – you can frequently find the Compact staff and volunteers exploring streams all over the basin.

Tags: Recreation, Paddling

Harpeth River Watershed Association
Canoe and Kayak Outfitters Along the Harpeth River
A list of outfitters on the Harpeth River as well as safety tips for paddlers. Outfitters include, Paddle Dog Adventures,Adventures on the HarpethFoggy Bottom, and Canoe Music City

Tags: Recreation, Paddling, Safety

Current Water Levels on the Harpeth
Links to USGS gages and information about historic flood levels on the Harpeth.

Tags: Flooding, Safety, Gages, Floods, Recreation, Paddling

Harpeth River Blueway Project
The vision of this Project is to promote recreational opportunities, safety and the preservation of natural and cultural features along the Harpeth River through the provision of canoe/kayak access sites and accompanying signage. More information about this project is available on this site, as well as a map of current and proposed access points on the Harpeth River, another map of access points on the Lower Harpeth, and links to access information from TN State Parks and the City of Franklin. 

Tags: Map, Recreation, Paddling

Kentucky Waterways Alliance
Rockcastle River Conservation Program
The Rockcastle River Conservation Program was formed to conserve land and species and enhance the overall quality of life around this special river. The Rockcastle has the cleanest water in the state of Kentucky. At the same time, the area is among the fastest growing areas in the state and millions of dollars are needed to conserve sensitive habitats before they are lost forever to development or mining. While the lower part of the Rockcastle River is protected because it is home to endangered species, the upper areas are still exposed and unprotected and face immediate threats, mainly from tourism and the prospect of a new I-66 interstate. Horse Lick Creek and Sinking Creek are special focus areas of the project. 

Tags: Development, On the Horizon, Trends, Planning, High Quality Stream, Threatened and Endangered, Mining, EcotourismRockcastle River Watershed

Land Trust for Tennessee
Davidson County Open Space Plan
Nashville’s Open Space Plan, released in 2011, is an ongoing partnership between The Land Trust for Tennessee and the Office of the Mayor focused on protecting open space throughout Davidson County. It is a map for the strategic conservation and creation of green spaces, by both the public and private sectors, to protect the unique landscape of Middle Tennessee. The project includes a variety of opportunities – creating neighborhood parks and gardens, conserving hillsides and private parks, and protecting farms, forests and river corridors outside the urban core. The plan can be downloaded here. 

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The Nature Conservancy - KY
Places We Protect
An interactive map and listing of places The Nature Conservancy protects in Kentucky. Within the Cumberland River Basin, The Nature Conservancy of Kentucky protects or has helped protect Primroy CreekPine Mountain-Mullins Preserve, and Bad Branch State Nature Preserve

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The Nature Conservancy - TN
Habitat Conservation Plan - Natural Resources
An overview of the natural resources of the planning area. These pages contain information about: 1)Relevant best management practices and conservation solutions such as riparian buffers, low impact development, and conservation; 2) Relevant area recreational resources; 3) Area forestsstreams and rivers, and caves and karst; 4) Areabiology 5) Covered species in the HCP; 6) Species stressors.

See also: Habitat Conservation Plan

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Places We Protect
An interactive map and listing of places The Nature Conservancy protects in Tennessee. Within the Cumberland River Basin, The Nature Conservancy protects or has helped protect Gil and Johnston PreserveHubbard's CaveNorth Cumberland WMA and Frozen Head State ParkPogue CreekTaylor Hollow, and Washmorgan Hollow. This site includes a link to a timeline of Tennessee Milestones and an infographic summary of what the organization has accomplished in Tennessee.

See also: Gil and Johnston Preserve, Hubbards Cave, North Cumberland WMA and Frozen Head State Park, Pogue Creek, Taylor Hollow, Washmorgan Hollow

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Red River Watershed Association
Recreational Information for Red River Streams
A listing of Red River Watershed Streams with information about whether these streams possess Natural/Scenic Quality and Recreational Fishing or Recreational Boating opportunities. 

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Southern Environmental Law Center
Protecting Public Lands on Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau
Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau is renowned for its expansive forests, rich aquatic life, and outstanding outdoor recreation. In years past, surface coal mining left a devastating environmental footprint on the plateau--clear cuts, polluted rivers, and unstable slopes. While parts of the region have shown signs of recovery, the threat of future mountaintop removal and similarly destructive forms of surface mining is ongoing. SELC has been engaged for several years in efforts to protect the Cumberland Plateau from the worst impacts of coal mining.

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Stones River Watershed Association
Blueway Maps and Gages
Interactive maps and stream gages on the Stones River Blueway. Maps include Riverine Landmarks of the Stones River WatershedAccess Points from the East Fork through Percy Priest to the CumberlandAccess Points on the West and Middle ForksAccesss Points on Stewart Creek. Stream gages include East Fork Gauge at Lascassas andWest Fork Gauge at Murfreesboro.

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River Relay
The Stones River Watershed Association sponsors the Stones River Relay the first Saturday of April, traveling from the headwaters on Short Mountain to the Readyville Mill in Cannon County. They continue the first Saturday of each month, paddling successive sections until they reach the confluence with the Cumberland on the first Saturday in November.

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Stones River Watershed Homepage
The watershed associations homepage features a map of the Stones River Watershed, stream gage information and contact information for area outfitters including Stones River Kayak Rental, Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation, and Nashville Parks and Recreation. 

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TN Scenic Rivers Association
Blueway Access
TSRA has been working to provide environmentally sound and user friendly access points to rivers and water ways since 2006. This page includes additional information about this program, a TN Wild Side Video about TSRA’s work,  and contact information for anyone interested in helping build an access point.

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Designated Scenic Rivers
A listing of designated State Scenic Rivers in Tennessee. Rivers in the Basin include Blackburn Fork, the Collins River, the HarpethRoaring River, and Spring Creek. TSRA also provides information for applying for a river or stream to be designated.

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This events calendar lists TSRA events, Hikes and Paddling Trips, and friends of TSRA events. TSRA provides information about Leading A Trip, as well, for those who are interested. 

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River Level Gauges
A list of river level gauges on popular paddling streams.

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Schools and Clinics
TSRA offers a wide variety of paddling schools and safety clinics throughout the year for paddlers of all skill levels in recreational and whitewater boats. Classes include Roll School, Essentials to River Kayaking and CanoeingRescue Skill For Recreational BoatersWhitewater Canoe and Kayak SchoolBasic River RescueSwiftwater Rescue,Advanced Swiftwater, and Wilderness First Aid. Paddlers can also volunteer to instruct.

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TN Landforms
TSRA provides a link to this TN landforms database. Landforms include waterfallssinkholes, and lakes, amongst other features. Over 800 waterfalls are listed. The site notes that some of these landforms are on private property, so get permission before you go check them out. Other formations are difficult to access because they are off-trail.

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This site has great articles that range from packing lists to advice on boat purchasing. 

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