Pick up after your pet.

Pick up after your pet when s/he is on a walk, at the dog park, or in your own backyard. Dispose of this waste in the trash or toilet. Many pet stores and retailers sell biodegradable bags for picking up waste.

The resources and organizations below may be able to help you with this mitigation strategy and/or to learn more. 



UTK Municipal Technical Advisory Service
Stormwater BMP Toolkit - Municipal Housekeeping
This side provides a list of stormwater related good housekeeping resources. Resources include: Advanced Storage Technology - Salt Storage Product InformationClean Water (National PTA)Cleaning Up Stormwater RunoffDo's and Don'ts Around the HomeInlet EtiquetteLawn & Garden FertilizersLawn & Garden PesticidesLawn WateringLawn Weed ControlMaintaining Your BMP- Guidebook for Private OwnersMaintaining Your Stormwater Management StructureManaging Leaves and Yard TrimmingsManaging Your Household WasteEnvironmental Guideline Document How to be Green and Stay in the BlackPet Waste and Water QualityPolluted Urban RunoffRethinking Yard Care HandoutShoreline Plants and Landscaping; and Storm Sewers: Rivers Beneath Our Feet.

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Municipal Resources

Reporting Pollution
This webpage allows visitors to report stormwater pollution. This educational handout provides examples of illicit stormwater discharges. 

Tags: Reporting, Stormwater, Education, Regulations, Gas and Motor Oil, Grass Clippings, Car Wash Wastewater, Household Cleaners, Paints, Pesticides, Pet Waste, Herbicides

Scoop the Poop
This webpage offers educational information about the importance of cleaning up after your pet. The site also offers an information flyer you can post round your neighborhood, a notice for your newsletter or blog; and a link to an educational site challenging you to see what’s inside your dog!

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Outside the Basin Resources

N.H. Department of Environmental Services
How to Conduct a Pet Waste Outreach Campaign
A guide to conducting a pet waste outreach campaign.

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