Volunteer Resources

FEDERAL Opportunities

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Volunteer Clearinghouse
The Corps of Engineers offers many volunteer opportunities to care for recreation facilities and natural resources, including water related opportunities such as 'Water Safety Program Presenter' and 'Fish and Wildlife Habitat Work opportunities.'

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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Surf Your Watershed
An EPA tool for finding your watershed and then finding and connecting with citizen-based groups at work protecting water quality in this watershed. 

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Volunteer Monitoring Resources
This page has EPA resources and links to information about volunteer water quality monitoring.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Volunteer Opportunities
Webpage for helping interested persons get connected to Fish and Wildlife Service volunteer opportunities. 

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Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery and Environmental Education Center
Wolf Creek National Fish Hatchery is one of the most recently constructed hatcheries in the federal hatchery system. This station currently produces approximately 1,000,000 rainbow, brown, and brook trout weighing 275,000 pounds annually. In cooperation with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, fish are stocked into 120 different public fishing waters in the state. Click here for more information on the education center including hours of operation or here to learn about volunteer opportunities

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U.S. Forest Service
Volunteer and Job Opportunities - Daniel Boone National Forest
Information regarding volunteer and job opportunities in this National Forest. 

See also: Daniel Boone National Forest Website

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U.S. Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement
Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement / Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA)
The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE) works with AmeriCorps Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA), and local community non-profits to place VISTA Volunteers throughout Appalachian states in communities that were impacted by pre-regulatory coal mining practices. This webpage includes more information about the program. 

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STATE Opportunities - KY

KY Division of Water
Kentucky Water Watch
The Water Watch program is dedicated to helping you protect Kentucky's streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The program accomplishes its goals through community education initiatives, community leadership, community action and water quality monitoring projects. KY Water Watch volunteers throughout Kentucky collect water quality data on the state's rivers and streams. A list of Water Watch groups can be organized by county, city, water body, affiliation or contact. 

See also: Watershed Watch

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Watershed Watch
Since 1997, Watershed Watch in Kentucky has trained nearly 4,000 volunteers and currently has approximately 2,000 volunteers that continue to sample across the state. There are monitoring stations in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee.Volunteers are trained on how to take a qualified water sample that is analyzed by professional labs. They are also trained on how to perform basic water quality field data, consisting of dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature and conductivity. Volunteers can also be trained to perform biological and habitat assessments. Watershed Watch organizations in the Cumberland River Basin include the Upper Cumberland River Watershed Watch and the Four Rivers Watershed Watch. Data gathered across Kentucky can be viewed here

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STATE Opportunities - TN

Volunteer TN
Any non-profit and state or local government agencies are eligible to host AmeriCorps programs. Volunteer TN's funding opportunities webpage also offers additional information. 

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Sign up to see receive volunteer TN emails. 

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Service Learning Program
Service-Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. For example, if school students collect trash out of an urban streambed, they are providing a valued service to the community as volunteers. If school students collect trash from an urban streambed, analyze their findings to determine the possible sources of pollution, and share the results with residents of the neighborhood, they are engaging in service-learning. This webpage offers additional information about the program, service learning itself, and service learning training opportunities

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State Plan
Volunteer Tennessee three-year comprehensive community service plan to establish state priorities and to meet human, educational, environmental, and public safety needs.

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UTK Municipal Technical Advisory Service
Stormwater BMP Toolkit - Illicit Discharges
This side provides a list of stormwater illicit discharge resources. Resources include: Car Care for Cleaner WaterDeveloping Sampling Plans for VounteersDo's and Don'ts: Implementing a Successful Illicit Program"Sampling Plans for Volunteers;" Dye Tests -- Residential--1 and 2 familyEPA - Pressure Wash/Power Wash DischargesWayne County (Mich.) Illicit Connection ProgramHousehold Hazardous Waste Collection CenterNorth Hawthorne Street Household
Pipe Detectives Volunteer ProgramRecycles-Spring Clean-Up for Area WatershedsStorm Drain Markers;  Stormwater Management for HomeownersUnderstanding and Caring for Your Standard Septic Tank System; andWhere Do I Take It?

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Stormwater BMP Toolkit - Public Involvement
This side provides a list of stormwater public involvement resources. Resources include: EPA Preliminary Data Summary of Urban Storm Water Best Management Practices StudyGeorgia Adopt-A-Stream ResourcesGive Water a HandMinnesota Association of Watershed DistrictsYou Did See a Fish ... (Door Hanger); What is Volunteer Monitoring? and more. 

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UT Water Resources Research Center
A Comparative Analysis of Water Quality Monitoring Programs in the Southeast: Lessons for Tennessee
This report provides the results of research conducted by the Tennessee Water Resources Research Center on statewide volunteer monitoring programs. Its intent is to inform Tennessee decision-makers and other stakeholders so they may begin an earnest dialogue on the viability of initiating such a program in Tennessee.

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MUNICIPAL Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities with Metro Water Services. Opportunities include stenciling storm drains and stream adoptions. The site includes supplies and instructions for stenciling and why it's of use, as well as information about the stream adoption program, a list of groups that have adopted streams (as well as the streams that have been adopted), and stream cleanup photos from Metro Nashville. 

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NGO Opportunities

Cumberland River Compact
Dam Inventory, Removal and Stream Restoration
In Nashville, it may come as a surprise that a complete picture of the location and number of dams does not even exist. Working with area volunteers, we are walking streams and inventorying dams. In so doing, we’re taking the first steps towards the eventual removal of those dams that are outdated and unnecessarily impacting water quality. With your help we can begin to reconnect our waterways! This website includes a Metro Nashville Dam Inventory Map and document highlighting the benefits of dam removal.

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Dragonboat Festival
The Cumberland River Dragon Boat Festival celebrates the importance of the Cumberland River to the city of Nashville. The stretch of river downtown once was polluted. Thanks to the work of the Cumberland River Compact and others it has been cleaned up and is a great place to spend the day.

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Green Alley Project
The Cumberland River Compact’s Green Alley project is transforming alleys from asphalt stormwater conveyances that transport pollution to our most vulnerable streams into areas that percolate and clean polluted stormwater, thereby improving water quality throughout the city.

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Rain Gardens
We work with the public to build rain gardens in yards, at schools, churches, parks, and businesses. Rain gardens can capture and percolate tens of thousands of gallons of stormwater a year. This prevents the transport of pollutants into our waterways. The Cumberland River Compact hosts classes, offers site visits, and organizes volunteer groups to build rain gardens. We have built close to 500 rain gardens in middle Tennessee. The Rain Gardens for NashvilleGuide is available from this webpage. 

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Riparian Buffer Plantings
A riparian buffer is a vegetated area (a “buffer strip”) near a stream, which helps shade and partially protect a stream from the impact of adjacent land uses. It plays a key role in increasing water quality in associated streams, rivers, and lakes.

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River Cleanup
A new tradition began in 2014 – Spring Cleaning. On this first Saturday of April, the Cumberland River Compact organizes over 20 simultaneous stream clean-ups. During the first annual spring clean-up, a volunteer task force of 200 pulled 18 tons of debris from small tributary streams to the Cumberland River.

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Street Trees
The Cumberland River Compact plants hundreds of trees every year – big trees and seedlings – along roadways and streams. Trees are the least expensive, most impactful tool we have to improve water quality. Information about this program and how-to guide for planting seedlings, watering, and best times to plant are available on this webpage. 

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Volunteer opportunities with the Cumberland River Compact. 

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TN Scenic Rivers Association
Adopt-a-River Program
River adopters are involved in simple observation of watershed activities, monitoring of invertebrates (instream sentinels of possible pollution), trash cleanups, and streambank stabilization projects.  Adopters enjoy their streams when they're clean, and they work with various entities such as TDEC's Division of Water Pollution Control to improve them when needs arise. This page includes more information, as well as Adopt-a-River Q&A and a link foradopting a river near you.

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Blueway Access
TSRA has been working to provide environmentally sound and user friendly access points to rivers and water ways since 2006. This page includes additional information about this program, a TN Wild Side Video about TSRA’s work,  and contact information for anyone interested in helping build an access point.

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This events calendar lists TSRA events, Hikes and Paddling Trips, and friends of TSRA events. TSRA provides information about Leading A Trip, as well, for those who are interested. 

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Schools and Clinics
TSRA offers a wide variety of paddling schools and safety clinics throughout the year for paddlers of all skill levels in recreational and whitewater boats. Classes include Roll School, Essentials to River Kayaking and CanoeingRescue Skill For Recreational BoatersWhitewater Canoe and Kayak SchoolBasic River RescueSwiftwater Rescue,Advanced Swiftwater, and Wilderness First Aid. Paddlers can also volunteer to instruct.

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