Fentress County – The Rugged Tour

The inspiration for the name of this tour comes from the terrain and sense of true wilderness...


South Fork of the Cumberland watershed

The inspiration for the name of this tour comes from the terrain and sense of true wilderness that is rare in an area so close to bustling communities. Featuring the beauty and adventure of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, those who choose this tour will feast on mountains, rivers, waterfalls, amidst some of the most extreme and unique landscapes Tennessee has to offer. Disclaimer: This tour is designed for those who come to get dirty and don’t mind roughing it through backcountry.


Hall Sports and Outdoors
Halls Sports
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Hall Sports and Outdoors

207 South Main St. Jamestown, TN 38556

Stop by Hall Sports and Outdoors in Jamestown for any last minute gear before taking off on your adventure. This store features many popular brands such as Kavu, Timberland, Columbia, and Costa.


Charit Creek Lodge
Charit Creek Lodge
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Charit Creek Lodge

Fork Ridge Trail, Oneida, TN 37841

Visitors must hike or ride a bike or horse to the lodge along a scenic trail featuring bluffs and field stones ending with a swinging bridge to arrive at the lodge. Guests have options of full or limited service, use of facilities and meal options for those who are backpacking and camping, as well as a variety of cabin sizes. This is a rugged tour, therefore do not expect electricity. Meals are lit by oil-burning lanterns and cabins are lit with propane lanterns. Meals are family-style with menus such as cast iron skillet grilled chicken, homemade mac and cheese, green bean casserole, spicy turnip greens, candied yams, fresh baked cornbread and peach cobbler.


Big South Fork
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Twin Arches, Big South Fork

4564 Leatherwood Rd, Oneida, TN 37841

Whether you’re looking for a day trip while staying at the Lodge or a longer backpacking trip inside BSF, you have plenty of options.

Twin Arches Lower Loop is good for a quicker hiking trip. This is the back way to view the arches, which takes hikers past magnificent rock houses and cliffs, as well as Jake’s Place and the lodge before ascending to the Twin Arches, the iconic and largest natural bridges in Kentucky and Tennessee made of sandstone. The most challenging, yet also possibly the most rewarding hike, is the Honey Creek Loop in which you will have to crawl, climb, and wade through knee-deep water along the way to a sweet reward. The Honey Creek Overlook is possibly the best view in all of BSF.

You know if you find a trail named after the “Father of National Parks”, John Muir, you’re in for rugged terrain void of civilization, mostly untouched by man. This is the ultimate experience for those who seek respite from the digital, concrete jungles so many of us live in to find the brilliant and stunning beauty only nature can provide. BSF provides guidance on which trails to combine for experiences ranging from 11.3 miles to 54.7.
Mountain bike enthusiasts will find the ultimate challenge in the 33-mile Big South Epic Bike Route. Combing five biking trails, this trail covers the John Muir Trail, Angel Falls, Duncan Hollow, Collier Ridge and more in a large parameter around the Bandy Creek Visitor Center
If your brand of adventure is dangling from boulders and cliffs like a spider, then you can test your skills at O&W Bridge or Crack in the Rock at Blue Heron. Either of these will provide you with towering cliffs and spectacular views.
Whichever path you take on your trip to BSF, we know you’re in for as much adventure as you want. Whereas many other parks or natural areas have spots of civilization around many corners, you’re sure to find true wilderness, a rare treat in a world that has turned to the outdoors for refuge in recent times. With 125,000 acres to explore, it’s easy to escape the noise and immerse yourself in the wild and rugged Big South Fork.



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