Middle Cumberland watershed

Cumberland Kayak



2 Victory Avenue, Nashville, TN 37213


(615) 800-7321

Have you ever dreamed of exploring the sights of the Nashville skyline away from the crowds and party buses of the downtown scene. Book a paddle with Cumberland Kayak and see all the beauty of Nashville without the hustle and bustle of Broadway. Cumberland Kayak Adventures offers self-guided paddles of the Cumberland River that take kayakers from Shelby Park to the downtown portion of the Cumberland, finishing right in front of the famous Nashville downtown skyline.

Cumberland Kayak also offers kayak tours of the breathtaking Burgess and Fancher Falls about an hour outside of the city. See the waterfalls up close and experience the beauty of the river as you paddle along this portion of the Cumberland and gain perspectives only possible from the view of a boat.

Cumberland Kayak Adventures is a top-rated, incredible experience that should not be missed during your trip to Nashville and the surrounding area. Visit their website to view more details and book your kayak trip!