Obey River watershed

Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery

Historic Landmark


145 Fish Hatchery Road Celina, TN 38551-6268


(931) 243-2443

On your way to the Dale Hollow Dam, you will pass the Dale Hollow National Fish Hatchery. The hatchery was established to mitigate fishery resources that were lost due to large-scale construction of many federal water development projects in the Southeast United States. The Hatchery is responsible for stocking rainbow, brown, lake, and brook trout in over a dozen different water reservoirs in middle and east Tennessee and even parts of Alabama and Georgia.

The hatchery grows millions of catchable-size trout every year, but also dedicates conservation efforts for a number of imperiled, freshwater, non-game fishes, and mussels. Stop by the Hatchery Aquarium and talk with fish biologist, Thomas Reeves, or schedule a hatchery tour to learn more about some of the fish native to Tennessee and other critters that inhabit the rivers and lakes of the region. There is a public fishing area just below the hatchery that they release trout from weekly and is a great place to have a picnic or cast a line.