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General Burnside Island State Park

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8801 S. HWY 27, Burnside, KY 42519



Boasting the best public golf course in Kentucky, General Burnside Island State Park located on the island of the same name is not only for golf fanatics. With access to 75-acre campgrounds and the ability to visit the spectacular Cumberland Falls, this state park is another amazing Kentucky jewel of the Cumberland basin.

The island state park is named after General Ambrose Burnside, a general in the Civil War who led operations to circle the island in search for stranded and wounded Confederate soldiers. Travelling up and down the Cumberland River, historical war documents may have underestimated how many men his platoon had found and rescued.

General Burnside Island State Park offers plenty of island fun – camping, boating, fishing, sightseeing and its most notable state famous golf course. Visit Cumberland basin’s island state park and enjoy both history and recreation. Main attractions are listed below.

  • Golfing

Kentucky golf enthusiasts, look no further. Listed as the best public golf course in the entire state of Kentucky, General Burnside Island State Park offers a scenic 18-hole course and is open year-round.

Landing 1st place in Kentucky Living as the reader’s choice for best golfing range in 2016, the course offers amazing views and beautiful greens. Check the dress code before you visit – as a course with such prestigious recognition, there are a few rules for apparel visitors should be aware of.

  • Boating/Visiting Cumberland Falls

Almost any type of boat you can imagine is offered at a marina located adjacent to the park – fishing, ski, pontoon, etc. for a lovely day out on Lake Cumberland. A marina center is located on the grounds for boat rentals and other equipment.

For a truly fantastic experience, visit Cumberland Falls. The cascading water is no less than a majestic attraction of the Cumberland basin and will truly be a wow factor for visitors.

  • Fishing

Bass of the smallmouth, largemouth and striped categorization along with crappies are available for recreational fishing fun. General Burnside Island State Park requires a Kentucky fishing license and

  • Houseboats

The Cumberland Lake State Dock is easily accessible from General Burnside Island State Park and offers elegant houseboats equipped with accommodations for a more upscale and refined experience of the Cumberland basin.

  • Camping

General Burnside Island State Park offers 102 camping sites for visitors, 94 of which include utility hookups and indoor bathrooms/showers. Available from mid-March to mid-November, island camping is a Kentucky adventure you will not forget.

While the state of Kentucky may not be known for islands, General Burnside Island State Park challenges that notion. With a nationally recognized golf course and access to the amazing Cumberland falls, a visit to this island state park is sure to be an amazing and unique experience.