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Historic Rugby



1331 Rugby Pkwy, Rugby, TN 37733



Rugby TN was established as a colony by author Thomas Hughes in the late 19th century. Today, Historic Rugby is preserved as a living Victorian village, giving visitors a glimpse into its English origins. 

Historic Rugby is composed of a number of preserved or re-created buildings from its original days, including including a library, schoolhouse, and church; all open for the public to view on a guided or self-led tour. The Rugby Visitors’ Centre is also open to the public to provide more information on the town’s history and heritage. Several historic cottages are available for rental in the heart of the town for those looking to make their trip to Rugby an overnight one.

The citizens of Rugby take great pride in their town’s roots and history, hosting a variety of traditions throughout the year that pay homage to their Victorian-era roots. Christmas at Rugby turns the town into a festive oasis during the holiday season, while tea parties throughout the year bring a posh sentiment to the Tennessee town. If you find yourself in Rugby during the summer months, be sure to participate in a Saturday evening game of Irish Road Bowling.