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Stewart State Forest

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Stewart State Forest is located in Stewart County, in the northwestern region of Tennessee. The forest spans over 4,000 acres and is filled with historical significance that begs to be explored by hikers, bikers, and hunters of the area. 

The forest encompasses swaths of hardwood growth and pine, with sections of prairie grasses breaking up the wooded areas. Hundreds of acres within the forest hold a rich history of charcoal production and iron ore mining. The livelihoods surrounding this industrial past are marked by old houses and building remnants throughout the area. An old rail bed used for iron ore transportation intersects the forest and provides another reminder of the area’s past.

Trail Use

Hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders can explore the forest’s history and nature by following various trails throughout Stewart State Forest. Many trails branch off main roads within the forest. Most trails are of the out-and-back variety and pass through sections of the charcoal production areas and iron ore mining areas. Trails vary in terrain and follow the hardwood forest along ridges and valleys. 

An orienteering course offered by local Eagle Scouts of the area provides opportunities for visitors to practice their skills in navigation through compass, GPS, pacing, and mapping while embarking on the various trails throughout the isolated area.

Visit the forest’s website for a map that highlights main roads within the forest and the trails that they provide access to.


Hunting is a historically popular activity in the area and is permitted within Stewart State Forest. Check the forest’s website and TN state regulations for details about seasons, permitted game, and safety before hunting on the state land.