Cordell Hull watershed

T.B. Sutton General Store

Retail Store


169 Clover Street Granville, TN 38564


(931) 653-4151

Located in historic Granville, TN, the T.B. Sutton General Store stands on the bank of the Cumberland River as one of the town’s oldest and most popular stores. The two-story general store was built in the 1800s and continues to provide southern hospitality to all who visit for a snack, drink, or to browse the general store’s selection of trinkets and goodies.

The store has been featured in Southern Living and Country Living magazines and is known as a staple to the community for its rich history and southern charm.

On the first level of the store, enjoy a treat from the ice cream counter or a family-style meal at the communal table in the restaurant dining room. Once you’ve had your share of country cooking, head upstairs to find the Arts and Cultural Center. This level of the store showcases local artisan creations, including quilts and other handmade goods and crafts available to purchase. 

T.B. Sutton Store hosts a variety of live music events and gatherings throughout the year, where you can hear Tennessee Bluegrass and catch up with the locals. Check their website for a schedule of upcoming events and live music happenings!

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