American Woodcock

Scolopax minor


Conservation Status

  • American woodcocks has been given many colorful nicknames including the timberdoodle, mudbat, bogsucker, and labrador twister. 
  • The woodcock has one of the most unique courtship rituals of any bird. At dusk, male woodcocks buzz a number of “peets” before rocketing themselves high into the sky. As they spiral to the ground the air rushes through their feathers producing a rapid twittering sound. After attracting a female with his flight, the woodcock struts, and bobs, as though dancing to a funky beat.
  • Since the 1960s woodcock populations have declined by about 1% every year. The decline is thought to be a result of habitat loss. Woodcocks prefer moist floodplains and vegetated wetlands near slow-moving bodies of water.