Morning Cicada

Neotibicen tibicen


Conservation Status

  • Males cicadas are famous for their buzzing song, which attracts females. 
  • Morning Cicadas (AKA Swamp Cicadas) are a type of annual cicadas. These green trimmed cicadas emerge every year in mid-summer. Orange trimmed periodical cicadas emerge in late Spring and return every 13 or 17 years. 
  • Cicadas provide many benefits to native ecology. Emerging from the ground, they aerate soils. They provide healthy pruning to established trees and are an important source of protein for many species of wildlife, including one of our basin’s most unique birds, the yellow-billed cuckoo. After dying, they provide a key source of nitrogen to young plants.
  • Because their larval state is spent underground amongst the roots of trees, cicadas are killed by pesticides and other lawn chemicals. Periodical cicadas, which spend years developing in the soil, are especially vulnerable. 
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