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Granville Museum



179 Clover St, Granville, TN 38564


(931) 653-4151

Located in the heart of historic Granville, TN, the Granville Museum provides exhibits and historical artifacts that showcase the riverboat town’s history. Since 1999, the museum has been operating from the historic Granville Church of Christ building, providing locals and visitors the opportunity to explore different aspects of the town’s history.

Guests will find several different rooms dedicated to specific themes throughout Granville history. Stroll through the main, military, textile, genealogy, classroom of yesteryear, and exhibition rooms to find compiled artifacts and resources that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the past and locals to discover more about their family history and heritage in the town.

Guided tours of the museum and Granville village are also available for a small admission price to give visitors an even more in depth experience. Those with familial connections to the Granville community are also encouraged to participate in the museum’s genealogy project. More information about tours and this project can be found on the museum’s website.